The party game Cards Against Humanity says it’s bought U.S.-Mexico border land and hired a lawyer to try to stop President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall.

Do they not realize how many supporters he has and how many customers they’ll lose!?

A promotion called “Cards Against Humanity Saves America” offered 150,000 subscribers to its game a map of the land and a “certificate of our promise to fight the wall.”

It’s a desperate marketing scheme to trick customers into believing they will stop the wall by selling a profanity-laced card game.

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In an effort to cost the government as much money as possible while building the wall, they announced they plan to, “make it as time-consuming and expensive as possible for the wall to get built.

They released an advertisement in which they suggests the election of Donald Trump will be the beginning of the end of the entire universe.

To build sections of the existing border fence, the U.S. government has been attempting to gain the land where they need to build back from landowners.

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But this company is thinking stopping new construction through filing lawsuits would be difficult.

A message sent to the company was not returned Wednesday.

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